About Murex D'or

Murex D'or a yearly award ceremony which started back in 2000 with a history of 24 editions among Lebanese, Arab, and International celebrities. The Murex D’Or is a Lebanese award created by Lebanese physicians, Dr. Zahi Helou and Dr. Fadi Helou.

The First edition of the year 2000 was focused on Lebanese Artists, however from the 2nd edition onward the event went more Pan Arab and regional.

The Golden Murex Trophy has given tribute to many personalities to recognize their achievements and to avow best performances ever. The name of the award is a tribute to Phoenician Murex which was used to dye cloth in imperial Tyrian purple. The Murex is a Phoenician symbol which represents a shellfish, whose secretions were used to dye cloth with the deep rose color known as the Ourjouan. Phoenicians used Murex color to dye silk, wool and other fabrics and exported them to the world. Consequently the Murex played a major role in their trade, success and distinction.